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CT Scanner Metrology

CT scanning allows you to non-destructively measure parts and assemblies, saving time from the concept phase through production ramp and into sustaining.

CT scanning metrology can be used across the hardware development cycle to decrease your development time. CT scanning generates a precise 3D model of an article from a large series of 2D X-ray images, similar to a medical CAT scan. CT scan data viewers can be easily shared and provide convenient access to scan results that can be saved, recalled, or exported at any time.

Use It For:

  • Reverse Engineering – Create 3D scans of existing parts and assemblies to characterize form, fit and function.
  • Rapid Part Inspection – Part-to-CAD overlay comparison analysis determines part or assembly dimensional accuracy.
  • Non Contact Inspection – Measuring and inspecting flexible, delicate or tiny parts has always been a challenge for conventional metrology. CT Scanning capture internal and external geometry without being handled by a technician.
  • 3D Assembly Analysis – Non-destructive scanning allows internal features to be measured and analyzed without damage to the article.
  • Damage Analysis – Root cause analysis of component or assembly failure.